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Arne Emanuel Nordlie
Bay State Silver Co
Benedict Mfg. Co.
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Black, Starr & Frost
Breadner Co. Ltd
C. Klank and Sons
Charles Horner
Chrisford and Norris
Codding Bros. & Heilborn
Cornelius Saunders & F.S.
Cracker Jack
D. S. Spaulding
Daniel Low & Co.
David and Lionel Spiers
David Andersen
David Ferreira
Deakin & Francis
Dominick and Haff
E H Parkin & Co.
E Horton & Co
Edward Todd and Co,
EHH Smith Silver
Eiler & Marl√łe
F.A. Hermann Co.
F.F. Pulver Co.
F.S. Gilbert
Foster & Bailey
Frank M. Whiting & Co.
Frank Patania
Frank W. Smith
G. H. French and Co.
G.E. Watson Ltd.
G.W. Lewis
Georg Jensen
Gorham Mfg. Co.
H.H. Curtis & Co.
Halon Gifts
Hans Jensen & Co.
Hayden Mfg. Co.
Hendrik Hooijkaas
Henry C. Haskell
Henry Stuart Brown
Henry Williamson Ltd
Hugo Grün & Co
Ivor T. Holth
J. Collyer & Co Ltd
J. Cook & Sons
J. Cornelius
J.F. Fradley
J.H. Johnston & Co.
James Avery
James Dudley
James Fenton & Co
JC Taylor
Joann Christine Juancho
Joseph Gloster
Joseph Willmore
Jules Herice
La Pierre Mfg. Co.
Leonore Doskow
Levi and Salaman
Lewis Bros.
Link and Angell
Magnus Aase
Metallugic Art Co.
Mitchell Brothers
Moore and Ledding
N.A. Jorgensen
Newburyport Silver Co.
Norsk Filigransfabrikk
O. F. Hjortdahl
P.W. Ellis & Co.
Parks Bros. & Rogers
Payton, Pepper & Co.
Potter Mellen
Pryor Manufacturing Co.
R. Blackington & Co.
R. Schaezlein & Son
R. Wallace & Sons.
Reddall & Co., Inc.
Redlich & Co.
Reed & Barton
Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen
S. Cottle Co.
S. Kirk & Sons
Sampson Mordan & Co.
Sandland Capron & Co
Sapphire Products
Sebastian Crespell
Seth Ek
Shreve, Crump & Low Co.
T. A. Kohn and Son
The American Art Works
The Meek Co.
The Randahl Shop
Theodore Foster & Bros
Thomas F. Brogan
Thomas H. Stone
Thomas Smith & Sons
Thomas Stevens
Tiffany & Co.
Towle Silversmiths
Unger Bros.
Variety Works
W.C. Finck
W.H. Collins
W.H. Saart Co.
Walker & Hall
Watson Company
Webster Co.
Wendell Mfg Co.
Whitehead & Hoag
Whiting Mfg. Co.
William B. Kerr
William J. Holmes
Williams Birmingham Ltd.
Wolf & Knell
Woodside Sterling
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