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Reference Books and Catalogs

Here is a list of books and catalogs that I have acquired that have at least something to do with bookmarks. Click on one of the links below to see the details of that item. The "Books and Catalogs" category on the left will also get you there.

The detail pages for the books show the cover and for the Coysh books, the back. For the catalogs, the cover, sometimes the back and any pages in the catalog that have bookmarks. For the catalog pages, if you click on the back view, I have highlighted the bookmarks that I have in this collection with their corresponding number.

I currently have four books:
Collecting Bookmarkers
A.W. Coysh
1974 Great Britain
A.W. Coysh and R.K. Henrywood
1994 Great Britain
Compiled by Marco Ferreri
1995 Italy
Lesezeichen sammeln
Karl Heinz Steinbeisser
2006 Germany