Welcome to my web site of antique bookmarks. Here is an interactive catalog of my entire collection, which currently consists of 1015 unique pieces. The collection is mainly silver, but it includes bookmarks of gold, brass, bronze, copper, celluloid, pewter, silk, plastic, enamel, mother of pearl, leather and ivory. Most bookmarks are made of paper, but there are none in this collection.

Bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes. Many are shaped like knives or swords because at the turn of the century, many pages in books were not completely separated, so they were also used as paper cutters. Other pieces are figural, composed of animals and busts of famous people. There are some made of thin celluloid with advertising on them for a wide variety of products.

On the top left is a selection list which contains groupings of bookmarks with my latest group first. Underneath the list are one or two photos of all of the bookmarks within this group. Each bookmark is numbered and can be selected by clicking over it. This will display a larger picture and a description of the bookmark. If you click on the little triangle on the selection list, it will bring down a list of all groups. Selecting a group from the list will show the photos for that group.

At the bottom left is a simple search form where you can enter one or more words to search for. Part of the form is a choice for finding any word or all words. For example, if you type in "Tiffany Gorham" and you choose "Find any word", you will get a set of small pictures of all Tiffany and Gorham bookmarks in the collection. Clicking on any small picture will display a larger picture with the description.

Send your questions and/or comments to howie@acm.org

Last updated June 19, 2006